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Slam Poetry in a New World - LGBTQIA+

A panel conversation about LGBTQIA+ slam poetry with Pieter Delfosse, Inke Ghiegase, Marie Darah, Uschi Cop and Canuto Roldan moderated by Esohe Weyden

It is necessary to bring [queer slam poetry] to the main stage of life. -Uschi
We don't want an audience completely agreeing with our voices. We want difference. - Canuto
Don't organize an open inclusive stage if you don't know what inclusivity really means. -Marie
In acedemia, people are starting to think about representation, but it goes slowly. - Pieter

It's not complicated. Freedom of speech is OK. Inciting violence is not. - Marie

How can we facilitate a growing process for diverse voices, without imposing our own? - Pieter

People get tokenized. They use your identity to check a box. Create a safer space first. -Inke

Everybody has fears. But you have to be conscious that you are in power and your fear can create phobia. - Canuto

Pieter Delfosse (he) is a teacher in writing and the organizer of the Queer Writing Group in Antwerp

Inke Ghiegase (they) is a writer, spoken word artist and one of the organizers of koevoet Gent

Marie Darah (they) is the European Slam Poet Champion, a member of Hyster-x, an actor-ess, singer and poet.

Uschi Cop (she) is the founder of Hyster-x and a fiction writer

Canuto Roldan (he) is a poet and poetry slam organizer from Mexico

Esohe Weyden (she) is the campus poet for the university of Antwerp

The Colloquium: Slam Poetry in a New World is organised by Creatief Schrijven vzw, with the support of the Flemish Government, in preparation for the WC Poetry Slam


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